Fleet Management

Keeping your commercial fleet running efficiently and effectively

Bespoke Fleet Management Services

London Van Sales fleet management is designed to keep your vehicles running efficiently and effectively, leaving you to take care of the other important aspects of running your business. Our range of fleet management services are tailored to your business requirements and to suit your budget.

Be it vehicles supplied by London Van Sales, your own vehicles or a mix of both we can manage the many aspects that keep a modern fleet of vehicles running effectively for your business. Keeping an eye on mileages, taking care of finance agreements and servicing requirements are all part of the wide range of services available from London Van sales.


Mileage Records

Collating the correct information in one place, making sure that your vehicles and drivers aren’t exceeding agreed mileages set out in leasing terms for your fleet or maybe just keeping a close eye on when required service intervals may be. Fleet management can be simplified by letting London Van Sales keep an eye on the details for your commercial vehicles whilst you keeep focussed on your business. 



Authorised tracking of your commercial fleet can not only assist in security for your vehicles and where your valued team are but ensure that your valuable commercial vehicle aren’t being misused or missing vital mileage and servicing requirements. We can administer this valuable service and keep a record of as much or as little as you need to ensure your fleet is managed in the correct manner appropriate to the smooth running of your business.



All of your vehicles that you depend on require maintenance, not only to keep your business on the move delivering your products or services but also to make sure that those driving them are also safe. As a vehicle owner you not only have to meet the required laws on vehicle maintenance but also have a duty of care to your drivers should they be involved in an incident. Our seamless service can make sure that your vehicles are regularly maintained and any relevant paperwork kept easily to hand.



With a vehicle fleet comes the paperwork to keep filed and easily accessible. Be it mileages, service records, driver profiles or insurance policies and relevant duty of care paperwork. At London Van Sales we can take that administration pressure from you. Your go to place for anyting to do with your fleet, small or large, leaving you to run your business knowing your vehicles will be ready to serve your business cost effectively and reliably.

Let London Van Sales take the pressure of running a fleet of commercial vehicles, leaving you to run your business.

Whatever your commercial vehicle fleet needs, London Van Sales has a bespoke service available to suit your requirements. Whatever your fleet size, have chat with London Van sales to see how we can help.

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